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In the winter months I return to the mountain at Ski Santa Fe, where I've been instructing children and adults of all ages and abilities since 1988.  Over these many years I have been certified with Profesional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) in Alpine Skiing, Telemark Skiing and Snow Boarding.  Currently I instruct an 8 week Women's Alpine Program and Private lessons throughout the winter season.


I feel the mountain environment is rich with felt sense experiences, helping to connect people in a profoundly powerful way with 

their physical and emotional bodies, facilitating a clearer and vital sense of self.  

For me, the experience of dancing  in the natural environment so intimately with all its forces, opens a doorway to a life breathing force enlivening our bodies and our lives. 


For more information about Ski Santa Fe and their Snow Sports School, including program and private lesson information

please visit:

Instructor at Ski Santa Fe

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